Sigma Alpha Phi


The Honor Society is composed of several types of members:

Charter Members:

Charter membership is reserved for those who initiate chapters. At least one charter member must be a faculty member within the institution and no more than three charter members are named.

Faculty members:

Those dental hygienists who have been engaged in teaching in accredited schools of dental hygiene for at least three years full-time or five years part-time. One faculty member may be elected each year.

Alumnae members:

Senior students elected on the basis of scholarship, service, leadership, and potential for professional growth. Membership is limited to 10% of each graduating class by program (i.e. prelicensure, degree completion, graduate). Alumnae membership also may be conferred on qualified persons who graduated prior to the establishment of a chapter.

Transfer members:

Those who move from one chapter to another, most often due to a move to another component area. A Membership Transfer Form is available from the Treasurer or may be downloaded from this site.

Non-Voting Members:

Honorary members are those who are recognized as having made an outstanding contribution to the dental hygiene profession through educational or community service. Only one person may be elected to honorary membership each year by each component chapter or by the Society. A list of the Supreme Chapter Honorary Members may be viewed on-line.

Corporate members are those corporations, institutions, or organizations that support the purpose of the Society.

Update of Address, Phone, E-mail, and Name Changes

Current members are requested to submit a Member Update form if any contact information has changed. Without correct information we are unable to contact you with SPA information, so please take a moment to complete the on-line form.